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        Talent Concept
        With the aim of "respect the value,develop the potential and sublimate the mind",Panda Creen Energy is tolerant to divertsity.This organization gives the opportunity to those who are willing the work,prepares the platform for those who are capable and offers a good treatment for those who have made an achievement.
        Respect for people,give full play to each employee's enthusiasm and creativity and promote the pursuit of corporate value and individual value to achieve "win-wn" is an ongoing pursuit of Panda Green Energy.
        Panda Green Energy pursues excellence in practicing care for employee's life,emotion,growth and so on.
        Panda Green Energy cherishes employee's dreams and aspirations in that they can bring more energy,more innovation and more impetus than individual and other organizations,helping everyone to realize his self-sublimation.
        Talent Structure
        Panda Green Energy advocates the joint growth of corporate value and employee value, continues to attract and cultivate talents, strengthen the development of qualified personnel, and gradually improve and optimize the talent structure. At present, United PV has united and cohered a number of intermediate and high management professionals as well as technical personnel who are willing to dedicate themselves to the career with unlimited enthusiasm. A talent structure which concurrently focuses on management, electricity engineering, finance, economics, language and law is also well formed.
        • Management and related
        • Financial accounting
        • Economic and financial
        • Electric power engineering and related
        • Language and literature
        • Computer and related
        • law
        • Else
        Talent Training
        2 March 2017 Mr. Zou Yiqiao, General Consultant for “Belt and Road” Company Strategy and President of Strategic Committee, presented a training on “National Energy Strategy and International Energy Co
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        16 December 2016 Corporate Finance Department of Panda Green Energy: Equity Valuation: Concepts and Basic Tools
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        16 December 2016 Company Secretarial Department of Panda Green Energy: Prevention of Bribery
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        25 October 2016 CEO Office of Panda Green Energy: Elevator Speech
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        26 August 2016 Overseas Business Department of Panda Green Energy: Yield Tool Analysis - Using Yieldco as an Example
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        29 July 2016 Company Secretarial Department of Panda Green Energy: Due Diligence in Overseas M&A
        View Albums
        24 June 2016 Investor Relations Department of Panda Green Energy: Company Introduction from a Presentation Perspective
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        20 May 2016 HR & Administration Department of Panda Green Energy: Effective Workplace Communication
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        6 May 2016 Finance & Accounting Department of Panda Green Energy: Understanding Financial Reports in Annual Report
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        29 April 2016 Finance Department: Practical Skills in MS Word & Excel
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        24 November 2015 Speech by Mr. Alan Li, CEO of UPV: How to Build a Strong Heart
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        9 October 2015 Internal Training: Essentials You Need to Know about Connected Transactions
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        25 September 2015 Internal Training: How to Read the Financial Statements in the Annual Report
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        31 August 2015 Internal Training: How to Read the Financial Models
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        26 July 2015 Speech by Mr. Alan Li, CEO of UPV: Enlarge Your Pattern
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        24 July 2015 New Employee Sharing
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        10 July 2015 Colleague Reading Sharing
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